Sir Bongkok Dungu
Bongkok dungu
President of the GIF Security Council
Security Council President
Inauguration 28 February 2303
Predecessor Velko Zpoyn
Vice President Jospan Dambuin
Spouse Shivany Eisthaliha

1. Sengkle Primus Bongkok Dungu

2. Bagun Secundus Dungu

3. Songko Tritus Dungu
Full Name Bongkol Njeletut Bongkok Dungu
Father Dungu the Great
Mother Halga Van Selbing

31 October 2267 (age 47)

Durtar, Airshisk, Great Kingdom
Religion Katagamian Church

Bongkol Njeletut Bongkok Dungu, Sir Bongkok Dungu (born 31 October 2267) is a Cerberussian politican and President of the GIF Security Council.

Personal Life

Bongkok was born in Durtar, Airshisk on 31 October 2267. He was educated at AKEPI School. He is married and has three sons.

Royal Champion Applicant

Bongkok was a childhood friend of Samz, Prince of Cerberussia as well as Matheffu I. His appilcation to be a Royal Champion has been signed by the prince himself, but has not passed the long and hard-to-pass bureaucrative processing.