Sinteru Borana
Official Languages Bormoan
Other Languages Frisescan
Capital Bihalvu
Government Republic
Area 115,392 km²
Currency Borani Tarlu

Borano is a country in the extreme end of Sadcodanian Peninsula.

Biggest cities

  • Bihalvu, metropolitan 3,905,000
  • Ulasaru, metropolitan 2,019,000
  • Privigu, metropolitan 1,879,000
  • Mendaiu, metropolitan 904,000
  • Bedcurinu, metropolitan 789,000
  • Boranasenu, metropolitan 740,000
  • Rabustu, metropolitan 682,000
  • Satu Guila, metropolitan 645,000


Continent of Tavastia
Sadcodanian Peninsula, countries: Borano | Egraio | Gacmetsu | Geolo | Gicosco | Harabon | Iaugart | Luwiyya | Nacaran | Sheceo
Nilatien Peninsula, countries: Esbu | Helsink | Vantaga

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