The Moktol canyon runs north to south and cuts nearly across all of The Sands. Nearly.

The canyon separates the nation of Nyklom and the Free Cities of the west. During the battle of Gyre (an large part of my worlds story and history) the border was set between the two areas and Nyklom was forbidden from crossing it and expanding west.

But the problem still arises, the canyon does not cut cleanly through all the sands, and much land to the south is still open and not crossed with the canyon. The Free Cities put on all there maps that the land east of the line from the southernmost point of the canyon (Tyvold's Rock which overlooks the canyon) is Nyklom, but Nyklom claims that their land expands out to a town called Makshalruu, which supplies Nyklom with it's largest silver mines. Nyklom wants free trade with the town,and therefore claims it is part of Nyklom. The Free Cities claims that it is free, and is under no ownership of Nyklom.

The town itself is located eight leagues east and one league south Tyvold's Rock and many regional maps put it under the region of the Moktol canyon. Therefore making it the southernmost point on the canyon, meaning that it is under their control. Though the southernmost point in the town is an old, crumbling guard's tower called Oprivin's Watch, making that the border between the two lands cut straight through the tower (and the town)

Because of this, Nyklom cartographers put half the town under Nyklom control, and the other half free, though the mines and the market are on the western half of town. Making it unsure whether or not they get free trade for the silver or not, therefore making it pointless whether or not Nyklom owns the land.

So maps made in the free cities put Nyklom lands east of Tyvold's rock, and Nyklom maps east of the old, crumbling tower in Makshalruu. It is largely unsure whether or not the town is part of Nyklom or not, but debates still rage on after twelve years of conflict over the small village and Tyvold's rock and the general Southwestern border of Nyklom. And then other maps put the village of Makshalruu as an Exclave of Nyklom, but the free cities believe that makes the entire battle of Gyre pointless and refuses to allow Nyklom land to the east of the Moktol canyon. The town itself does not care whose ownership it is under, but does not want free trade with Nyklom (they want more money from their silver) but they want the other benefits of being part of Nyklom (free protection, food in the case of famine, etc:)

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