Renhade du Brasil
Official language Brasilian
Capital Maraba
Largest city Fortalesa
Area 8,547,403 km²
Population 1 352 930 000
Density 158/km²
Independence From Portugal
September 7, 1739
Constitutional monarchy
King Luis I of Brazil

The Kingdom of Brazil is a country in the continent of South America, the second most populous country in the world. It has the biggest city in the world and is considered a superpower.

The neighboring countries are Uruguay, Paraguay and Inca Empire in the west, Tayronia, Puinavia, Gicania, Pemonia, West Guyana, Suriname and East Guyana in the north.


Southern Brazil is mountainous. It has, like the eastern coast, summerly monsoon rains. The Amazon River is economically very important, as it is used for irrigation in the dry season.

Major cities

Following is a list of major Brasilian cities by population in their metropolitan areas.

  • Fortalesa, 38 million
  • Belém, 21 million
  • Riu di Janhoru, 19 million
  • Manhau, 14 million
  • Recife, 9.5 million
  • Sã Paulu, 9.1 million
  • Salvearu, 7.8 million
  • Maraba, 7.3 million


The economy of Brazil is the largest in the world, slightly over that of China.

Rice is the most important agricultural product, and crude oil is the most important resource. Brazil produces 9 per cent of all crude oil globally. The economy is expected to crash in some amount over the next decade, as the fusion power is developed.


The Brasileres are mainly descendants of those people having come from Portugal and Spain, and mestizos. The official language, Brasilian, is a Romance language that is a descendant of Portuguese: the two languages are mutually incomprehensible.

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