Hoosiers in Brazil
The Brazilian-Hoosier Reconstruction Project
is a program that was introduced by Cynthiana Knope to deploy National Guardsmen with Hoosier colonialists, whom would rebuild extensively destroyed farms that once produced the most sugar, coffe and spices in the world before the Hurian invasion of 2008. The Indiana General Assembly on October 12 passed the Indiana-Brazilian Stimulus Act which would assist Hoosiers whom were relocating to the Brazilian outback to become farmers. While Brazil has praised the bill and program, most European and North American nations have called the actions of Indiana 'colonial' and just a step to gain control of Brazil.

The Bill

The Indiana-Brazilian Recovery Act


SPONSERD BY: Ms.Knope, Mr.Bonjour, Mr.Hill and Ms.Hill

  1. The Commonwealth of Indiana will and foremost deploy the National Guard of Indiana into the state of Brazil to assist the people of Brazil in law & order.
    1. Indiana's death penalty shall be enforced in the state of Brazil while the National Guard of Indiana is present.
    2. Indiana soldiers must respect the laws of Brazil and its federal states.
  2. Hoosiers seeking employment in the Indiana Commonwealth shall apply for the Indiana Relocation Program in which the person shall be enrolled in teaching programs on agricultural production and economic development.
    1. Persons seeking to join the Indiana Relocation Program must be in rural cantons of Indiana.
    2. Persons seeking to join the Indiana Relocation Program must be members of the Indiana Episcopal Church showing that you are true representatives of the state of Indiana.
    3. Persons cannot have any felonies and must have know credibility from the community and has a high standard of ethical standards.
    4. Persons whom seek to relocated must be married to another citizen from the same rural canton.
    5. Persons must follow all Indiana & Brazilian laws while living in the interior.
  3. The total of 45 billion dollars shall be dedicated to developing these farms for economic revival of Brazil, with supervision of relocating Indiana nationals.
  4. Hoosier Brazilians, as well with farm workers of Brazilian decent shall pay a low tax of 4% until the farms are fully operational.

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