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Brian Archer at an Eastland fundraiser February, 2013

Brian Jackson Archer (3/23/81-present) is the founder and CEO of massive shipping company, Domco International and its subsidiary(Eastland Domco ). His position is one of the most powerful and demanding in the Pacific region.

Personal Life

Archer was born to Wilson and Elizibeth Archer on March 23, 1981 in Long Beach, CA. The wealthy couple's only child received the best education money could buy and during an aptitude test, scored in the top 1% in buisiness. seeing his unnatural potential, the young Brian was sent to be mentored by a series of successful entrepeneurs, stock brokers, executives, and politicians. By the age of 15, Archer graduated from Harvard with a PhD in economics, he would later return to Harvard to obtain a Masters in finance, marketing, statistics, and strategy, all by the age of 21. Months after his graduation, Wilson Archer, died, leaving behind a small fortune for his son. This money was immediatly used to fund the foundation of what would become the Domco International empire (est. 2002). He is currently overseeing the progress of Domco's base on Eastland, Midway . During an Interview, Archer indirectly threatened to cut off less contributive countries should his possition be threatened by any government.

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