Briau Garloor IX
Briau Garloor IX
Reign 6 February, 49,952 – Present
Coronation 2 June, 49,953
Predecessor Feffier Tymarr XXIV
Heir Apparent Chagra, the Crown Prince
Spouse Empress Agisreeu
Issue Charles, Prince of Wales
Anne, Princess Royal
Andrew, Duke of York
Edward, Earl of Wessex
Royal House Larmethiss
Father Feffier Tymarr XXIV
Mother Hasseel, Empress Dowager
Born April 21, 49,626
HMSS Imperium, Rothmanthar
Briau Garloor IX Portrait

Briau Garloor IX of the House of Larmethiss. He's the current Rothaur of Rothmanthar, and the 112th generation of the House of Larmethiss.

Early life


Heir presumptive

Military service

Marriage and fatherhood

Children and grandchildren


Life as Emperor

Views and perceptions

Role in government

Relations with ministers

Constitutional controversies

Relations with world leaders

Religious role



Personality and image

Coat of arms

See also

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