Since 1972, several riots have taken place in Bristol, in Wessex

Panic Riots 1972

On the 15th of April 1972, the Kingdom of Wessex declared independence from the Great British Confederation, and as many saw, a temporary lack of control and enforcement, allowed panic, riots and looting to break out in several points in Bristol, aswell as Southampton and Portsmouth in Hampshire, panic spread throughout the city and many began panic buying, however some began to loot shops. Police began to quell the riots at around noon, and the city was almost entirely clear by 8pm. However unrest continued into the rest of the week. 

St Pauls Riots 1980

Stokes Croft Tesco Riot 2011


The Tesco Express in Stokes Croft was vandalised during the riot.

On 21 April 2011, there was a riot in the Stokes Croft area of Bristol, following a raid by police on a squat named 'Telepathic Heights'. A protest ensued, and they withdrew, however at 9pm that evening, riot police blockaded the area and entered the squat. A crowd quickly gathered, with approximately 300 people defending the squat, and a further 1000 caught up in the mayhem. More than 160 officers were involved in the operation. The reason for the operation given by the police was that they held intelligence that petrol bombs were on the premises designated for the Tesco development opposite.

The riot eventually died down following the withdrawal of the police, after which the newly opened Tesco was attacked resulting in smashed windows and graffiti. 

The Prime Minister condemned the 'Heavy Handed' activity of the Riot Policeman. An information site Say No To Bristol Riots was set up to help report the events of the riots to improve public safety in Bristol.The Tesco express reopened on 24 May 2011, causing further peaceful protests during the day.

Riots 2011


A Riot Policeman walking past a burning car in St Pauls.

In the early hours of the morning on Tuesday 9 August it was reported that vandalism and looting had taken place in Bristol, in reponse to riots across the Great British Confederation, particularly in London. 

Actions were condemned by the Wessex and Cornish government, stating that those involved had no connection to anything going on in Great Britain, and thought it to allowed if it was happening for no reason in London either. The burning of several vehicles in St Pauls and Montpeller in Bristol and the Graffiti and vandalism of buildings, and looting of several shops, including the Stokes Croft Tesco Metro which was vandalised in April of 2011.

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