The Broker Penal Code is the codification of criminal offenses in the Atlion Broker. Any new criminal statutes made by the Broker State Legislature are added to the Penal Code, thus, it is not a fixed list of crimes - it is subject to change and reorganization.

Section 1: General provisions

Chapter 1: Title

  • This title shall officially be known as the "Broker Penal Code."
  • Alternatively, this title can be referred to as the "Broker Criminal Code."

Chapter 2: Effective date

  • This code shall be effective on 1 March, 1963.
  • All subsequent additions to the code shall be effective immediately.

Chapter 3: Purpose

  • This code exists to:
    • forbid and prevent the commission of offenses.
    • define adequately each offense.
    • prevent oppressive and unfair treatment of those accused of offenses.

Chapter 4: Jurisdiction

  • This code is applicable to the entirety of the territory of the State of Broker.
  • Those suspected of having committed an offense in another state will be extradited to the respective state if the responsible authority does not expect oppressive or unfair treatment.

Chapter 5: Other provisions

Section 2: Offenses

Chapter 1: Federal offenses

Chapter 2: State offenses

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