Brother Crowley

Brother Crowley (Scarlet Crusade Emissary)

 Brother Darrick Crowley is an Emissary sent by the noturious Scarlet Crusade to attempt to recruit new followers for the order. He resides in the lower levels of the Catheral of Light in the city of Stormwind. He advises new recruits to seek out his colleuge, Brother Anton, who is at Nijel's Point in Desolace.

Crowley also spies on the activities of the Church and the Archbishop, which is reported back to the Scarlet Monastry. He was also appointed there because of his reluctance in fighting the Crusade's enemies, who they regard as anyone not among them. Crowley is a distant cousin of Lord Darius Crowley and his daugher, Lorna. He was born in Amberstill around twenty years before the Dark Portal was opened. He lived there for most of his life, untill the Third War brought the Scourge. After Lordaeron fell, Crowley decided to join the Scarlet Crusade to rid the land of the Scourge. He has a serious personaliity, and is humourless

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