Bristol Motors, is the automobile manufacturing arm of the Bristol Corporation. Headquartered in Filton, Bristol. Bristol Motors is Wessex and Cornwall's largest automobile producer. Bristol Motors is also among Europe's largest automobile manufacturers, exporting its vehicles to mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia and the Middle East. Many of Bristol's Cars are named after Folklore Tales from Wessex and Cornwall, such as the Arthur, relating to the Arthurian Legends, the Moonraker, relating to the nickname for the inhabitants of Wiltshire, and the Avalon, named after the mythical isle of Avalon.



Image Name Type Propulsion  Production
BristolArthur Arthur Family Saloon Petrol/Diesel. Flex-Fuel 2007 - 
BristolAvalon Avalon Family Saloon Petrol/Diesel, Flex-Fuel, Hybrid,  1985 - 
BristolAvalonEstate Avalon Estate Family Estate Petrol/Disel, Flex-Fuel, Hybrid,  1985 - 
BBlenheim Blenheim Luxury Sports Coupe Electric, Petrol/Diesel 1976 - 2002
BristolBrunel1 Brunel Luxury Saloon Petrol/Diesel, Hybrid 2003 - 
250px-Bristol Fighter goodwood Fighter Sports Coupe Petrol/Diesel 2004 - 
BristolMoonraker Moonraker City Car/Subcompact Petrol/Diesel, Flex-Fuel 1998 - 
BristolSovereign Sovereign Saloon Petrol/Diesel, Flex-Fuel 2004 - 


Aswell as selling in Wessex and Cornwall, Bristol Motors also exports its vehicles across the world, mostly to Mainland Europe, the United Kingdom & Ireland, Middle East and Asia. The Bristol Arthur is largely targeted at developing countries, such as the Middle Eastern and Asian market. 

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