Bryn Banks is the current King of the GBM, and a agent of Overwatch. His policies are known as being harsh and his critics call him Draconian, but according to him, the country is better with him then without him. He masterminded the plan to form a new Brazilian government and is twenty eight years old, one of the youngest leaders.



Bryn seen in Rio De Janeiro in 2005.

Bryn is from Seattle, Washington, and worked for a long time as a intern at the Overwatch offices there. He rose through the ranks and became a region manager at the age of eighteen, having joined the company as a intern at sixteen years old. When he was informed that Overwatch was planning to fund a Brazilian coup, he was the first volunteer and their first choice.

After leading the protesters through the collapse, he negotiated the formation of the new government. As part of the deal, he would return to Seattle and cut off ties with the government, as the protesters didn’t want a foreigner to rule. The first king, Pedro Smyth, was unpopular though, and he was deported after his bodyguards and the army revolted. Pedro was sent to Mexico as a exile and the army called Bryn to become the new king, hoping a familiar face like his would calm the people.

Personal Life

Bryn lives in a private area near Rio De Janeiro, called Whitewood. His house is also his office, and was nicknamed “The HQ” by him. He is married to Ari Drazen, a German politician who he met when they were both Overwatch interns. His son is thirteen and named Han.


Bryn has many critics and has been called the most evil ruler in the world by some, and he was blasted in the media in 2011 for not cracking down on the Black Market. In addition, his policy of harsh punishments and no mercy have made human rights activists protest against his rule.

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