Tsvetok (Цветок or 1.03) is a Buran Space Shuttle from the New Soviet Union Space Agency. It was built between 2024-2025. Tsvetok took its first flight on 10 January, 2026. It launched from Alamaty Comsmodome in Alamaty in the Kazakh SR.


1. NSUSA F-432 1/10/26 (to ISS

2. NSUSA F-455 3/32/26 (to Phobos moon

3. NSUSA F-500 12/14/26 (orbit around Earth 18 times

4. NSUSA F-567 2/4/27 (suborbital flight around Earth 3 times

5. NSUSA F-721 8/30/28 (1.02 Ptichka was connected with Tsvetok and orbited Earth once.

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