Bureau of State Security
Logo of the BoSS
Logo of the BSS.
Government agency overview
Formed 24 April 2009
Preceding agency Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Jurisdiction Allied States of America
Headquarters Souers Building, FAC, New Bay City, Texas
Employees Classified
Agency executives Lucien Rasul, Director
Domingo Tessitore, Deputy Director
Parent agency Department of Foreign Affairs
Souers Building named after Sidney Souers.

The Bureau of State Security (BSS or popularly BoSS) is an intelligence agency of the Allied States of America. It is an executive agency which operates under the Allied States Department of Foreign Affairs, and is responsible for providing national security intelligence assessment to senior Allied States policymakers through means of covert psychological, cyber, and social warfare using non-military commissioned civilian intelligence agents to carry out these intelligence-gathering operations; many of whom are trained to avoid tactical situations. The Bureau also oversees and sometimes engages in tactical and covert activities at the request of the President of the Allied States. The Bureau of State Security mainly operates outside of the Allied States, with the Federal Justice Bureau, the National Security Agency and the Office of Strategic Intelligence acting as its domestic counterparts, under the Allied States Federal Intelligence Committee.



The Bureau of State Security is divided into the following divisions and offices:

  • Executive Office
    • Office of the Director
    • Office of the Deputy Director
    • Offices of the Assistant Deputy Directors
    • Office of the Inspector General
    • Office of the General Counsel
    • Office of Public Affairs
    • Office of Foreign Cooperation
    • Office of Employment and General Administration
  • Directorate of Intelligence
    • Office of Counterterrorism
    • Office of Crime, Weapons and Drugs
    • Office of Policy Support and Collection of Strategies
  • Directorate of Field Operations
    • Center for Terrorist Activities
    • Center for Technological and Scientific Support
    • Center for Counterintelligence
  • Directorate of Science and Technology
    • Office of the Chief Science Officer
    • Office of Technical Support
    • Office of Engineering Services
  • Office of Supporting Services
    • Department of Security
    • Department of Medicine

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