Burj al Sahara
Type Luxury Hotel, Resturaunt, Tourist Attraction
Location Cairo, Eastern Sahara
Altitude 274 m (887 ft)
Started March 2012
Completed Scheduled August 2013
Height 274 m (887 ft)

The Burj Al Sahara or Pyramid Hotel (هرم فندق- Arabic) is a luxury hotel tower under contruction in Cairo, Eastern Sahara. When completed in August 2013 it will be the largest luxury hotel in Cairo, aswell as the tallest tower, over-taking Cairo Tower by only a few feet. The hotel is owned by Ubayyid Hotels and Development.

The tower stands in the Zamalek District of Cairo, located on Gezira Island in the nile, close to downtown Cairo.


The tower was built to depict how far the country has come since its beginnings, a tower that could be compared to modern day Dubai. Ubayyid Construction oversees the construction of the building.