C2 tank design

The C2 tank

The C2 ADRIA is a light tank used in the Royal Army of Europa, developed by Europan company ADRIA Systems.

The tank

The C2 tank is manufactured from lightweight composites, making it one of the lightest tanks in the world. It is powered by specialized motors that allow it to reach a speed of nearly 70 mph. It is equipped with a 120mm HEF (high-explosive firing) tank gun similar to ADRIA antiaircraft guns.


Development of the C2 began in 2006. The first tests were conducted in May 2009 and final tests in August 2010. The first tanks were delivered in November that year. The C2 first saw action during the East Bulgarian War; it was used to destroy military targets in area with high civilian concentrations which could have been harmed had the RAFE used missiles.

The United Emirates has shown some interest in acquiring this tank, as has Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Delivery of C2's to these countries would take place by May-June 2012

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