The CBN News Ticker broadcasts the summary of news in the United Commonwealths of America , operated by the Commonwealth Broadcasting Network (CBN).



  • 27 - Debris from the tsunami that struck the Japanese Archipelago last year, have begun to wash up on the shores of the Alaskan Commonwealth, Environment Groups have set to work to clean up the Alaskan Coastline, aswell as the Coast Guard also clearing the shores.
  • 30 - Worries about the debris that washed up on the coast of Alaska that they may be contaminated with radiation, this arises after Pacific salmon were found to have traces of radiation in them when caught off the coast of Washington last month.


  • 2 - The High Speed Railway System from Everett to Victoria has been planned to be completed ahead of time, it is believed that it will be completed in a month from now.
  • 7 - Oregon MP Ron Wyden has introduced a farm bill that will legalize the industrial growing of hemp. This will allow farmers to grow the industrial variety of Cannabis. Industrial hemp can be used to make clothing, oils, paper, rope and many other products.

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