The Cabinet of Lorenzo Canale is the current cabinet of the United States of Europe. The Cabinet were sworn in on July 22, 2146. They are the most senior members of the executive, and comprise of the President, Vice President and the 16 cabinet ministers.

Members of the cabinet

Position Name
President of the United States of Europe Lorenzo Canale
Vice President of the United States of Europe Veronica Weiss
Minister of State Jeremain Vlaar
Minister of Finance Romain Briand
Minister of Defence Ignacio Marchetti
Minister of the Interior Svenja Schult
Minister of Health Joao Coelho
Minister of Education Anja Vrabel
Minister of Business and Trade Sofia Montoya
Minister of Justice Leonardo Marculeta
Minister of Agriculture Mario Lopez
Minister of Transportation Tonny Maher
Minister of Labour Liu Jian
Minister of Energy Tom da Mota
Minister of Culture Celia Bresonik

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