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The Cabinet of Westland (Westlandic: Burokabinett a Västland) is the collective decision making body of the Executive Arm of the Government of Westland, composed of the Chancellor and nine Cabinet ministers, the most senior government ministers of the Cabinet Level Government Ministries.  

Cabinet Ministers are selected from the National Assembly by the Chancellor. Cabinet ministers are heads of government departments. The collective co-ordinating function of the Cabinet is reinforced by the statutory position that all the Ministers of State jointly hold the same office, and can exercise the same powers.

The Cabinets main duties are to aid in governance, and challenge the Chancellor more directly than the National Assembly. Cabinet ministers are appointed, and dismissed by the Chancellor, all members must be from the Socialist Party or its associated organisations, as in other branches of government.

Cabinet Duties

The Chancellor decides the scope of each Cabinet minister's duties and is responsible for the Cabinet and leading it in its political direction.  If two ministers disagree on a particular point, the cabinet resolves the conflict by a majority vote. 

Current Cabinet

Office     Incumbent     Since    
Chancellor of Westland Oska Stärk 2012
Vice Chancellor of Westland Niklä Fisha 2012
General Secretary of the Socialist Party Kaska Västmann 2012
Environment and Climate Change Ministry Johannas Stän 2012
[Affairs Ministry (Westland)|Interior Affairs Ministry] Jon Fisha 2012
Foreign Affairs Ministry Sofi Niemczyk 2012
Culture Ministry Karolin Tomasson 2012
Defence and Public Security Ministry Johannes Somma 2012
Education Ministry Oska Angal 2012
Industry and Finance Ministry Sinewulf Lessa 2012
Healthcare Ministry Niklas Torsson 2012
and Resources Ministry (Westland) Welfare and Resource Ministry Luka Odin 2012

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