There are 12 months in the year and seven days in a week. Each month has 30 days. Each year has 365 days. The Calendar of Daoine begins with the Winter Months and ends in Autumn. The dates are written as (day) (month) (year), with no internal punctuation, for example, the date for Ostara in 399 would be written as 21 MoRain 399. When writing dates including the Era and Century, it can written as: 3E, 4th Century, 14th MoRain 399 or 3E, 4th Century, Year 399, 14th MoRain. At the end of every year, in most places, there is a {feast name}, with sanctioned anarchy. During this time, all debts are nulled and past sins are forgiven.

Winter Months

The Month of Morning Star

The Month of Sun's Dawn

The Month of Frost

Spring Months

The Month of First Seed

The Month of Rain

The Month of Second Seed

Summer Months

The Month of Fire

The Month of Wind

The Month of Last Seed

Autumn Months

The Month of Harvest

The Month of Sun's Dusk

The Month of Evening Star

Days of the Week


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