The calender in Uldera consist of twelve months that are formed up of thirty days. These months were first devised by the scholars and lorekeepers of the Almosian Empire, and have been widely used by most countries on an international basis ever since. There are different holidays, customs and festivals that occur in different regions, countries or religion throughout the year. Some of these festivals have set dates, while others occur during the change in seasons or on a particular day of the week. There are six days of the week, and each month contains five weeks.  

List of Months

The twelve months of the year are:

  • First Month: Vaariun
  • Second Month: Flarvin
  • Third Month: Lurn
  • Fouth Month: Arcros
  • Fifth Month: Maarimund
  • Sixth Month: Narcamond
  • Seventh Month: Olarden
  • Eight Month: Plarven 
  • Ninth Month: Hui
  • Tenth Month: Draden
  • Eleventh Month: Murd
  • Twelfth Month: Akamand

List of Days of the Week

  • First Day: Porlas
  • Second Day: Erdlas
  • Third Day: Urlonlas
  • Fourth Day: Lornlas
  • Fifth Day: Ferlas
  • Sixth Day: Tarlas

Descriptions of Holidays

First Dawn- 1st Vaariun

This day is the traditional start of the year in nearly every country. The holiday begins early at first light on the first of Vaariun, when most of the major religions begin a sermon for the new year. After this hour-long sermon (in some regions an hour and a half), people visit their friends and neighbours giving gifts and good wishes for the new year. In most towns, a parade begins at midday. Afterwards, a feast is held that lasts untill midnight, and this party usually involves devauchery, lust, and merriment. At midnight, candles and torches are lit and last throughout the night. 

First Sowing- Start of Spring

The First Sowing occurs at the start of the season of spring, which is usually around the first week of Lurn, but this is often delayed if there is a prolonged winter. This is a rural tradition, since most urban centres do not have public parks and are privatly-owned. The local farmers plant their first seeds after ploughing their fields, and the seeds are blessed by the local priest or holy man. Later in the night, there is a feast for the community. 

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