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Federal City of Calgary
Commercial and Federal District from the Air
Flag of Calgary, Alberta.svg
COA of Calgary.svg
Nickname(s): C-Town
Motto: "Onward"
Calgary Roads.png
Country Republic of North America
District Federal
Incorporated into federal district 1973
Named for Unknown
 - Type Mayor-Council
 - Mayor Mayor Guy
Population (2013)
 - Total 1,476,000
 - Est. (2015) 2,780,000
Time zone Rocky Mountain (UTC-7)
Zip T1Y to T3R
Regional Telephone Code 403
Population figure expanded due to census area expansion into surrounding suburbs.

The Federal City of Calgary is the Capital City of the Republic of North America. It was chosen due to it's geographic location and economic significance. It has a thriving oil and gas industry after crude reserves were discovered in the arctic ocean.

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