Californian Civil War
Part of World War III (UWF)
Golden War
The Golden War
Date 1974 - Ongoing
Location North America, California
Result Ongoing
New Helvetia Confederation flag New Helvetia Confederation California Communist Californian Soviet
San Francisco Democratic Peoples Republic (1974 - 1976)
Los Angeles Socialist Protectorate
San Diego Peoples Republic

The Californian Civil War is an ongoing conflict between the former Communist supported nations of the now disbanded Californian Soviet, which include the nations of the Los Angeles Socialist Protectorate, the San Diego Peoples Republic. The Golden War, which was primarily fought between the San Francisco Democratic Peoples Republic and the New Helvetia Confederation from 1974 to 1976 was the major igniting conflict which resulted in the destruction of one former bastions of communism inside the former United State and the creation of New Bern and the San Francisco Military District.

General Issac Clarke lead the invasion on April 9th, 1974 against San Francisco to redeem a former attack in the previous Helvetian Valley Revolution in which communist forces tried to demoralize resisting Helvetians in Oakland by mass murder, known now as the Oakland Massacre. Killing 321 people, Clarke and his son, William Clarke were the few to survive alive, among the dead was Issac's wife and two daughters.

While the major events of the war were waged in the San Francisco Bay Area, several battles happened around Lausanne, between the Los Angeles armed forces and Helventian guardsmen. The war gained momentum when the actual call for revenge went to total destruction when Clarke was interviewed on national television of his story, the nation was flung into battling the former communist nations inside California in the name of social justice. During this period military membership skyrocketed, investors deployed spending into military production, and the construction of the Helvetian-Pineland Railway was hastened to a point where it would be finished in two years later. Patriotism griped the nation and the formation of the Helvetian Nationalism Party which lead to a wave of jingoism and protectionism for future generations.