The Californian House of Represenatives is seen as the most powerful branch of government inside the Republic of California, it consists of 435 Represenatives, in which parts of the states will aquire the a represnative based upon that areas population size. The House may also declare war on other nations, make tax changes aswell with removing the President of California from his or her place of position. The Californian House works based upon a majority with with a required 51%, unlike that with the former United State's 65% winnings.

California House


The Californian Democratic Party is majority party inside the government, as well as inside the House of Represenatives. The President, as well with several Judges of the Californian National Court identify with being liberals.

Democrats mostly come out of heavily populated areas such as San Fransico, San Deigo, and the largest amount coming from Los Angeles. This allows for dominance inside Californian politics, allowing for a moderate liberal output, but with the Californian Economic Deal of 2012 after the Kingdom of Texas took several corporation ownings from leaders of several leaders, Californian allowed for the companies to move and create jobs inside the Californian Republic, durning this bill the taxes for Californian corporations were decreased to its lowest in the last ten years.

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