701st Infantry Brigade
Camp Newfound Hope
Allied States 7th Army
Logo of the 7th Army
Founded 2012
Type Army airfield
Size 3,500 troops
500 civilians
Part of 701st Infantry Brigade, 7th Army
Africa Command
Medical Command
Garrison 701st Infantry Brigade
1st Military Police Detachment
Engagements Battle of Harare
Commander Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Treece
Deputy Commander Major Ron Noah

Camp Newfound Hope is an Allied States Army base roughly 40 kilometers South of the Harare city center, in Zimbabwe. It is the garrison of the 701st Infantry Brigade of the Allied States 7th Army. The base is under the command of the Allied States Army Installation Command, as well as a post of the Allied States Africa Command, which is headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. The base will house 3,500 troops and 500 civilian military personnel by mid-2012, after it was officially named and opened in January of the same year. Camp Newfound Hope is the Allied States' first African military installation. In early May 2012, in a surprise move, the Allied States started deploying more of the 7th Army to Camp Newfound Hope. The Zimbabwean government soon approved the move. Many speculate the move is to strengthen the Allied States' foothold in Africa, however, the official motive has been said to be in support of the Zimbabwean military.


The base has one North-South runway, and houses primarily the 701st Infantry Brigade and civilian personnel from Allied States Africa Command. The base was established as a staging point for the Allied States Army's future operations throughout Africa and to ensure free and fair elections continue to happen in Zimbabwe after Operation Save Zimbabwe was completed. Among it's other missions are:

  • Host joint military exercises with other A.S. and foreign units, primarily the reforming Zimbabwean Armed Forces.
  • Offering training to Zimbabwean troops.
  • Provide anti-aircraft and missile defense capabilities.

Hosted units at Camp Newfound Hope:

  • Allied States Army Elements:
    • Headquarters, Allied States Army Installation Command Africa
    • Headquarters, Allied States 7th Army 701st Infantry Brigade
    • Headquarters, Allied States Army Recruitment Africa
    • Allied States Army Criminal Investigation Command
      • Headquarters, CID Africa Region
      • 1st Military Police Detachment

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