Candice June Healy (b. March 16, 1963) is a member of the Georgeland House of Commons, elected to the House at the general election of 2005 representing the Bradmarch seat of Sergiocitta. A lawyer, Healy worked primarily in the discrimination field of civil law before being elected to Parliament. Candice Healy is one of four known lesbian members of parliament. Despite her sexuality, Healy is a moderate Liberal Democrat identifying with the party's right wing. She is also the identical twin sister of Capitalian MP Sharon Healy. They are the first sisters and the first twins to serve alongside one another in federal parliament. The Healy sisters are often seen together at campaign events, though they are rarely mistaken for one another (Sharon has long hair and Candice has short hair; Sharon wears contact lenses and Candice wears glasses).

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