Candidors are a race of canitean humans native to Canitea.


Ancient Times

The only known fact about this period is that the candidors were the eldest among the human races of their homeland of Canitea. The others being the croceans and the antreans.


At some point, candidors migrated from their homeland of Canitea (Elderland; can meaning land, nitea meaning elder/ancestral) to the mountain ranges of a land named by them as Candor (Highland; can meaning land, andor meaning high).

Extinction and Legacy

Candidors eventually disappeared from the world in the 500s of the Old Millenium, leaving behind their descendants, the candoreans.

During a massive expansion of the Empire of Canis in 547 O.M., candoreans discovered they weren't alone in the land, and started to interact with the native races of Candor.

Part of the empire settled on the woods of Carborea, the territory of the elven nation of Galea. The candidors were used to build large wood houses, which eventually led to confrontation with the Galeans, who worshipped the forest's trees. During the war, communication between carboreans and candorans was inexistent, and after thousands of years of war, the carboreans were an entire new race. Eventualy, peace was signed and the forest was divided between its two main races.

In 745 O.M., some carboreans settled in the eastern plains of Candor, becoming gorians.

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