The Cantons of the New Helvetia Confederation are the fundamental basis of governance. Cantons in the Helvetian Valley are given a diverse amount of responsibility, such as laws concerning social issues and economics. The cantonal system was created by the Federal Charter of 1966 which created a hybrid nation based on federalism and confederate principles, giving powers both to the national government and the local governments. Each canton generates their own revenue for local projects, they may also enforce environmental regulations and education standards.

Helvetian Cantons

     Canton of Yreka
     Canton of New Jura
     Canton of Sutter
     Canton of New Berne Bay
     Canton of Sion
     Canton of Williams

Coat of
Calling Code Canton Since Capital Population Official language Dominant Religion Ethnicity Segregated Votes in Assembly
PL Palacade 1969 Ventea 7,410,023 English Irreligious Irish-American NO 33
Canton of Sutter CoA SU Sutter 1966 Providence 4,118,886 English Roman Catholic Swiss-American NO 18
NJ New Jura 1966 New Delémont 2,043,242 English Roman Catholic Swiss-American NO 9
YK Yreka 1966 Yreka 43,023 English Protestant Anglo-American YES 1
NB New Berne Bay 1976 New Berne 5,403,244 English Roman Catholic Swiss-American NO 25
SO Sion 1966 Sion 4,243,981 English Protestant German-American YES 19
BA Williams 1966 Bakersfield 3,312,765 English Protestant Anglo-American YES 15