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—  First-Order City  —
First-Order City of Castelmagno
Philipton City Center.jpg
Flag of Philipton.svg
Red pog.svg
Map of Lecrotia.svg
Country Flag of Lecrotia Republic of Lecrotia
Founded 327
 - Mayor Fernando Rocchese (D)
Elevation 12 m (39 ft)
Population (2010)
 - Total 721,656
 - Est. (2010) 721,656
 - Demonym Castelmagnesi
Time zone RLT (UTC+1)
Postal Code 1000-000
Regional Telephone Code +399 1

Castelmagno, colloquially called Il Castello (the castle) or Dän Gradt (the city), is the capital city of the Republic of Lecrotia. It is the country's largest and most populous city, with over 720,000 residents, while the population of its urban area is estimated to be more than 735,000. The Metropolitan area of Philipton is estimated to have more than 750,000 inhabitants. In the borough of Cantagallo, there is the Castelmagno International Airport, Lecrotia's busiest airport.

While being a first-order city, therefore not subordinate to the District of Castelmagno, the city also serves as capital city of that district.



Philipton's football clubs are FC Castelmagno and AC Filippopoli.


Castelmagno was founded in 327 as Forum Caesaris, a small port in the East coast. In 1794, after the Lecrotian victory in the Lecrotian War of Independence, the city was selected as Capital City.

At the beginning of the 19th Century, the city saw a population boom thanks to the newly-born industries.


The city is served by the TPL on roads, while underground, it is served by Lecrotia Underground Stations.

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