The Cayne Islands

The Cayne Islands (pronounced cane eye-lands) is a large tropical island archipelago that lies in the Simmering Sea between the continents of Amarja and Souldrus. The archipelago is estimated to contain over four thousand islands. There are eleven large major islands that have served as a hub of culture and soceity for the islands for several thousand years. The islands were once politically independent as the Cayne Kingdoms, a number of tribal kingdoms that existed on the major islands. The islands have become the victims of colonialisation, first by the Souldrus Empire and then by the Third Republic of Yio.

The Cayne Islands is a tropical island archipelago that is located in the Simmering Sea between the continents of Souldrus and Amarja. The archipelago is formed up of over four thousand islands, with eleven major islands that have been the hub of culture and society for the islands. The islands were orginally made up politically of the the Cayne Kingdoms that were ruled over by the native populations. The islands have now become the victims of colonialisation by the major powers of both continents.


The numerous islands that form the Cayne Islands are either volcanic islands or coral atolls. The majority of the islands are of volcanic origin, including all of the major islands. The origin of these islands is a hot spot that lies to the south of the island chain. The other type of islands that exist in the archipelago are the coral atolls. These are a minority of the smaller islands, making up less than three hundred islands of the archipelago.

The eleven major islands are not suprisingly the largest. The largest island is called Argós Lo, that is located to the south-east of the archipelago. The

The climate of the islands were tropical, and the majority of the islands were covered in rainforest. The islands had a constant warm tempeture that did not fluctuate much as the waters of the Simmering Sea kept the warm in winter and cool in summer, giving the island a breeze that remained at a constant tempeture.

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