Cecilia Rosa Mas in 1855

Cecilia Rosa Mas in 1855

Cecília Rosa Mas was born in Reus in 14 February 1820 and died in Paru, Santa Rosa in 24 July 1868.

She emigrated to South America with her family and settled in the city of Paramaribo. Years later, after making a fortune, began and expedition into the Amazon. She was the first female explorer to enter the Amazon.

She left Paramaribo in 1844 to reach the Paloemeu river, and crossed the mountains and down the river following the Paru. There she was discovered the region had many women living there. She was introduced into the society is one area was fighting for her rights.

In 1847 start an expedition through the area and founded another settlement further west and put "Colonia La Rosa" after the name of his family that had fought. That colony was created in 1848.

Suddenly, the few men who inhabited these lands returned to rebel killing all those women who had been abused. Cecilia rebelled and began the conquest of what we were of them. On the day February 14, 1850, after having defeated their enemies, Santa Rosa proclaimed independence, and the first country to recognize it was Great Guayanain in 1854. Brazil swore that it would grant the nation independence until Cecilia died, and that was granted in 1868.

Unfortunately, Cecilia was barren and had no children. After his death the people named like Rosa, Cecilia their daughters. It is definitely a woman's remember. He emigrated from his native Catalonia to found a free country without machismo and women only free and happy.


Previously in 1808 there was an attempt to establish a colony with women abandoned by their husbands . These women decided that want to live better and they settled in the area around 1770. The was established first in Santa.

Years later were earns autonomy and the Portuguese crown granted that area. Men were rejected and were only useful for reproduction. It is estimated that in 1791 the area had a 2355 women and 321 men. At year-end 1798 a group of men is revealed by the way they were treated and they start to kill women. It is estimated that about 250 women were killed in the city of Paru. Such acts are known as " the revolution of paru ". A year later in 1799 they were exiled to the new state of Great Guayana.

Later, but a group of men created a popular army muejeres. Annihilated the opposition and in 1808 proclaimed the "free land of woman's land" .

In 1814 the Portuguese crown invaded that area to reduce the population in 1816 had mitas for a total of about 1250 people throughout Santa Rosa.

Finally in 1850 a woman of Catalan independence peacefully got from the new state of Brazil. Great Guayana always helped that country since this was independent in 1799.

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