Celtic League
An Comman Ceiltech (Scottish)
An Conradh Ceiltech (Irish)
Yn Commeeys Celtiagh (Manx)
Yr Undeb Celtiadd (Welsh)
An Kensunyans Keltek (Cornish)
Ar C'Hevre Keltiek (Breton)
Combined flag of the Celtic nations

Bodmin, Cornwall, United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall
Official languages Breton, Cornish, English, Irish, Manx, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh
 - General Secretariat
Non-Governmental Organisation
Rhisiart Tal-e-Bot
Formation: 1961
The Celtic League is a non-governmental organisation that promotoes self-determination and Celtic identity in the modern Celtic Nations in Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, Britanny, Wales and the Isle of Mann.  It places particular emphasis on the indigenous Celtic languages. It is recognised by the United Nations as a non-governmental organisation with "Roster Status" and is part of the UN's Economic and Social Council.

The Celtic League is led by a General Secretary, and has ties with the Celtic Congress, a cultural organisation which is headquartered in Bodmin, Cornwall. 


  • "Fostering co-operation between Celtic peoples."
  • "Developing the consciousness of the special relationship and solidarity between them."
  • "Making our national struggles and achievements better known abroad."
  • "Campaigning for a formal association of Celtic nations to take place once two or more of them have achieved self-government."
  • "Advocating the use of the national resources of each of the Celtic countries for the benefit of all its people."

Political Status of Members

The political status of the Celtic League's suggested six Celtic nations varies widely. The following Celtic nations have some degree of autonomy, although Ireland consists of the territory of two sovereign states:

  • Britanny - Britanny is a cultural region of France, and is not governed by its own government. 
  • Ireland
    • Republic of Ireland - Independent sovereign state
    • Northern Ireland - Country of the United Kingdom
  • The Isle of Mann - Crown Dependency of the United Kingdom
  • Cornwall - Devolved country of the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall
  • Scotland - Country of the United Kingdom
  • Wales - country of the United Kingdom
  • Wessex - Wessex has a small Celtic Heritage, and is still in touch with such. Wesssex is an honorary member of the Celtic League. Wessex is a devolved country of the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall

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