Cemil Çiçek

Cemil Cicek in 2012

Cemil Çiçek is the current Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkicstan, and has been in power since the General Election of 2008, along with the President Abdullah Gul.


Early Life

He was born on 15 November 1946 in Yozgat, Turkey. He graduated from the Law Faculty of Istanbul University. In 1983, he joined the centre-right ANAP. He became an ANAP MP for Yozgat.

Political Career

He later became Minister for Energy and Natural Resources but was expelled from ANAP in 1997, upon which he joined the Islamic leaning Fazilet Party, which later evolved into the AK Party.He was Minister of Justice in the first AK Party government (from 2003 to 2007), when as a former ANAP MP he was thought to be one of the leading figures of the AK Party, most acceptable to the Turkic military. In 2008 Cemil ran for Prime Minister of Turkicstan, and was elected in a landslide and elected the current president Abdullah Gul.

Core Beliefs

Issue Stance
LGBT Rights Strongly Agree
Gay Marriage Strongly Agree
Abortion Partial
Death Penalty Strongly Disagree
Torture Methods Strongly Disagree
Radioactive Weapons Partial
Biological Weapons Disagree
Equal Rights Strongly Agree
Asissted Suicide Partial
Freedrom of Speech Strongly Agree
Freedom of Expression Strongly Agree
Freedom of Press Partial
Right to Protest Partial
Right to Privacy Strongly Agree

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