Central African Republic Democratic Restoration
Part of Saxxon-African Contingency Operations
Date August 18 2013 -
Location Central African Republic
Result Ongoing
Saxxon Energy* Séléka
Commanders and leaders
Michel Djotodia
*Sasxxon Energy is the sole financial support during the restoration process but does not acquire a private military itself.

TheCentral African Republic Democratic Restoration is an ongoing conflict between the pro-republican forces backed by Saxxon Energy and the pro-Séléka armed forces led by Michel Djotodia. Saxxon Energy stayed mostly silent during the Central African Republic conflict (2012–13) but eventually after several months of aggressive economic tactics against the megacorporation's operations inside the sub Saharan nation and the eventual loss of poverty in August has caused the company to react extremely harsh.



International reaction

  • Flag of the New England Republic New England Republic: The New England Republic foreign ministry has declared the Republic's neutrality in the issue, however supports the democratization of the CAR. The ministry further stated that it will become involved "on the ground" if given a mandate by either the United Nations or the African Union.