Bank of Wessex and Cornwall
Headquarters Central Bank Building, Corn Street, Bristol
Established 1973
Central bank of United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall
Currency Wessex and Cornish Pound
ISO 4217 Code WXP
The Bank of Wessex and Cornwall, is the central bank of the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall. The bank is often called WessBank for short, and  has its headquarters in the Central Bank Building, on Corn Street, Bristol. 


According to the bank's charter, its duties are to;

  • Issue and manage bank notes
  • Implementation of monetary policy
  • Treasury related operations
  • International activities
  • Compilation of Economic Analysis data


The Bank of Wessex and Cornwall is headquartered in the Central Bank Building on Corn Street, Bristol. The headquarters are located nearby to the Bristol Stock Exchange, located within the Old Exchange Building. The current building was built on top of the original Bank building in 1982, and has a style derivative of the Lloyds Building in London or the Pompidou Centre in Paris. The building represents Bristol's industrial past, with a Green and Eco-friendly outlook.


The Bank is headed by the Chief of the Bank, who has considerable influence, along with the Treasurer, on the economic policy of the Wessex and Cornish government. The current Chief of the Bank Karl Stepcott, who filled the power vacuum after the death of the Fourth Chief of the Bank in 2011. 

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