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Centralist Republic of Rainier
Flag of Rainier.png
1976–1990 Flag of Rainier.png
Flag of Rainier.png Central Executive Authority.png
Flag Coat of arms
Esto perpetua (Let it be eternal)
March of the Renaissance
Marzo del Rinascimento
Map of Rainier.png
Capital Victoria
Languages English
Religion Anglicanism
Government Military dictatorship
Chief Executive
 •  1976-90 Robert Armitage
 • 1990 Arthur Brooke
Deputy Executive Chief
 • 1976-81 Gerald Cowen
 • 1981-90 Arthur Brooke
Legislature Parliament of Rainier
 •  Upper chamber House of Senators
 •  Lower chamber House of Councillors
Historical era Cold War
 •  1976 Rainian coup d'état 12th August 1976
 •  Green Revolution 28th July 1990
Currency Dollar

The Central Executive Authority was the name of the military government between 1976-90 that ruled over modern day Centralist Republic of Rainier. Formed after the controversial Labour government of Frederick Joseph was overthrown in a military coup in 1976 the new government promptly abandoned the 1876 constitution and enforced a new one which created a military dictatorship headed by the Central Executive Authority. The new government implemented a comprehensive economic liberalisation programme and a conservative, quasi-fascist social policy. In 1990 the regime collapsed in the Green Revolution, paving the way for the creation of the Second Centralist Republic of Rainier.