The Centrum Alliance is a galactic alliance of all races of Centrum Space. The Alliance is head by the Centrum Board, a reperesentation of all Centrum species. The Alliance has become the Galaxy's military, exploratory, and economic spearhead, and the alliance of all of the galaxies governments.

Centrum Space refers the space under Alliance control, which is made up of the discovered systems and clusters. Curently all of known space is part of Centrum Space, apart from Bakari Space, and the Igontum Systems.


The Centrum Alliance was founded along with the Centrum Board after the Kelosians, Trell and Hanoi had discovered Centrum, and the diplomatic relations began with the Board, the Centrum Alliance was created to unite the Centrum races Unions and Alliances, and as a result some called the Centrum Alliance the Alliance of the Alliances. But the Centrum races integrated themselves into the galactic community well with the Alliance. When Humans discovered Centrum, they were met by the Centrum races and the Human Union was integrated into the Alliance. The Bakari Republics were formerly in the Alliance before rebellion in 900 CC.


Centrum Board

The Centrum Board is each races representation in the galactic community, with one board member from each Centrum race. The Board presides over the council, and moderates it, to find any violations of Centrum Law.

Alliance Captain

The Captain is the head of the Alliance and its operations, with the duty of liasing between the Alliance, and the Centrum board members.

Militay Doctrine

The Alliance Military is the largest in the Galaxy. Made up of militaries of different races, it has a vast fleet of ships, and personell. The Alliance fleet is made up of over 300 ships, ranging from Fighters to dreadnoughts. The Centrum Defense Force is a special department of the Alliance Military, with the purpose of protecting Centrum

Diplomatic Relations

The Alliance keeps the peace between the different racial alliances and unions, the Kelosian Republics, the Hanoi Union aswell as the Trell and United Nations . The Human Union has relatively cold relations with the Hanoi Union after their attack on the Human colony of Sanctum, although the Hanoi Terrorist group, Hanoi First was involved.

Centrum Space

Centrum Space is the area of space that abides by Centrum Law and Principles imposed by the Centrum Board, the following list of Clusters and Systems in Centrum Space;


  • Alingon Cluster
  • Apien Nexus
  • Dekuuna Cluster
  • Janji Nebula
  • Kirune Nebula
  • Salos Nebula
  • Sheron Cluster


  • Arlakh - Trell
  • Earth - Human
  • Hakkari - Hanoi
  • Kelos - Kelosian


  • Aite - Trell
  • Boltzmann - Human
  • Gel Himmon - Trell
  • Hajari - Kelosian
  • Jarrl - Kelosian
  • Khajit - Hanoi
  • Nakhchivan - Human
  • Nami - Trell
  • Perseus - Trell
  • Sanctum - Human
  • Sanjoi - Hanoi
  • Shirvan - Kelosian
  • Sumqayit - Kelosian
  • Surin - Kelosian
  • Vanev - Human
  • Yozgat - Hanoi
  • Zorah - Hanoi

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