The Centrum Board is the governing body of Centrum, and also the presidium of the Centrum Alliance. Convening in the Centrum Tower the Board is the ultimate authority in Centrum space, passing judgement for violations of Centrum law, settling disputes between governments, and maintaining law and order, often through the use of its own covert intelligence service, the Centrum Special Tasks Group.

The Board is an executive committee composed of one representative each from the member species. Though they have no official power over the independent governments of other species, the Board's decisions carry great weight throughout Centrum Space. No single Board race is strong enough to defy the others, and all have a vested interest in compromise and cooperation.

Each Species that has an embassy on Centrum officially becomes a member of the Centrum Board, and the Centrum Alliance.


The Centrum Council was founded by the Kelosians and the Hanoi in 500BCE the first two races to independantly discover Centrum, believed to be a triumph of the Forerunners civilization at the centre of the Relay network. The Kelosians suggested forming a governing body of Centrum in partnership with the newcomers, the Hanoi. The foundation of the Board and the Centrum Alliance marked the beginning of the Centrum Calendar and Centrum Standard Time; a the year 0 CST.

Over the coming years the Trell and the Bakari were contacted by the Hanoi who charting new worlds in the Pharoh System. The Trell and Bakari were integrated into the Centrum Community in 400 CST, The Trell were followed several thousand years later by Humans, who mastered the Relays and found Centrum around 2129 CST Humans gained an embassy on Centrum around 2134 CST. The Human Union was integrated into the Centrum Alliance. Since Humans no other species has been encountered.

Bakari Rebellion

In 900 CC the Bakaris rebelled agianst the Centrum Alliance, invading territories of other races, the galaxy reacted agaisnt the Bakaris with force, they were removed from the Board and Alliance by 903 CC. The Bakari are now outside Centrum Space, and do not abide by Centrum practices.


  • Departments
    • Ministry of Fianance
  • Comittees
    • Committee on Disease Prevention
    • Committee on Habitable Worlds
    • Committee on Technology
  • Agencies
    • Centrum Special Tasks Group
    • Centrum Security Services (CenSec)

Centrum Standard Time

  • A Centrum Standard Day comprises 21 hours.
  • Each Hour comprises 100 minutes.
  • Each Minute comprises 100 seconds.
  • Each second is half as long as a human second.

Board Members


Zorah Vaasa is the current Hanoi board member, she was made member in 1954 CST.


Khalisah al-Jilani is the current Human board member, she was enstated in 2134 CST.


Pana'Ryah var Centrum is the current Kelosian board member, he was enstated in 2097 CST.


Feron Koris is the current Trell board member, enstated in 2139 CST.

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