Centrum is a vast deep space station believed to be built by the long extinct 'Forerunners.' Centrum is commonly renowned as the most important location for all Centrum species, any species that is part of the Centrum Board. Centrum was discovered thousands of years ago by the Kelosians, followed by the galaxies other sentient species.


Modern Discovery

The Kelosians were the first to discover Centrum, after uncovering 'Forerunner' ruins on their homeworld of Kelos, which advanced their technology greatly, and allowed them to find Centrum. They were followed by the Trell and Hanoi. When the first 3 races had discovered the station, they believed that they needed to unify the races, and the Centrum Board was created unifying the races, and creating the Centrum Alliance. The Centrum Standard Time (CST) was introduced, which unified each species time, and calendar. CST began at Year 0 CST, approximately 1076 Earth Year. The Bakari discovered Centrum approximately 700 years after the creation of CST, in 723 CST, and joined the Board, and were integrated into the galactic community. Humans discovered Centrum in 2124 (1048 CST?) after discovering Forerunner ruins in the Sol System, which catapulted the techonlogy forwards, particularly space travel. The Humans were integrated into the galactic community, and gained their place in the Centrum Alliance and Board.


Every species that has found Centrum, has stated that they unearthed rock paintings from millions of years ago depicting ancient civilisations and a picture that resembles the Centrum Station. Many groups have said that the 'Forerunners' meant for the galaxy to find Centurm, be it good or bad. The Hanoi believe that these paintings mean that the Forerunners created all galactic life, and believe them to be gods. Many species that discovered Centrum say they followed the paintings.


Centrum Alliance

Centrum Board

Centrum Standard Time (CST)

CST is the time that all members of the Centrum Board and Alliance adhear to, to keep intime with each species. It is as follows;

  • A Centrum Standard Day comprises 20 hours.
  • Each Hour comprises 100 minutes.
  • Each Minute comprises 100 seconds.
  • Each second is half as long as a human second.


Law Enforcement

Centrum Security Services (abbreviated as CenSec) handles law enforcement on Centrum. It is a volunteer police force answering to the Centrum Board. CenSec is headed by an Executor who liases between the Board and CenSec.


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