A Brief Overview

Cereals International is a large company that produces odd cereals all over the world. It was founded in Shnoowurf, and it's main factories are located there. Because of this, most people have no idea where the cereals come from. Shnoowurf officials use Cereals International as a vent for their boredom, creating weird, and often deadly, cereals for the public.

The Cereals

The number of cereals is always increasing!

Magnesium Crunchies

Bland O's

You won't taste anything for weeks afterward!
Molecular text: We are not responsible for prolonged and/or permanent lack of taste buds after consuming Bland O's.

Radium Crunchies

They're so tasty you can feel it in your bones!
Molecular text: We are not responsible for any of your bones disintegrating due to consumption of this cereal.

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