The war began in 340 and is directly connected to the Yeciall War, which was fought between the Auroran Treaty and the Soet Alliance. Tension in the war began around the year 338, as the Cersul monarchy's pledge of support for Hanu was met with fierce anger in the southern states. Althought it was promised in 339 that Cersul would remain neutral in any conflict that could occur between Hanu and Teseca and their allies, the monarchy continued to sign military and trade agreements with Hanu and Tonash, even under strong condemnation from Teseca and Ranali.

In consequence to this, millions of people took to the streets of the cities in the southern states to protest against the Auroran Treaty-centred government. The riots were rarely opposed by the army, and in fact often supported by them. As the government refused to change its mind the riots became more fierce and groups began arming themselves under threats from attack by the Cersul government to clamp down on the revolutions. By early 340 rebels had seized control of the three largest cities in the southern states, Vorend, Nyathine and Bexar, and hundreds of other towns and cities had pledged support for the cause. The rebels, led by the Soet-orientated Nyathine, asked Ranali and Teseca for help, who are already mobilizing troops in Ranali. They move armies to the edge of Cersul's territory, under threats of war from the Auroran Treaty if they enter. Soet counters by threatening to enter if Nyathine is attacked by the Cersul monarchy.

Cersul continues to mobilize a force, and as time goes by more and more rebels in the south are armed, and the position is more fortified. After a meeting between Cersul, Tonash, Hanu and Ghatini, Cersul is admitted into the Auroran Treaty and pledges to destroy southern resistance. Immediately they move a large garrison into Vorend with the intention of retaking the city. The south treats this as a declaration of war and calls on Soet to assist them in the conflict, which immediately maneouvres troops into the southern regions, with the intention of reinforcing Nyathine positions northwards.

As a consequence, Aurora declares war against the Soet Alliance, which sparks the Yeciall war between Aurora and Soet.

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