Chadian Border War
Chadian Border War Montage
Date May 17, 1963 - March 4, 1979
Location Kamburi/Chad border
Result Official border changes and land claims
Flag of Kamburi Kamburi
Flag of France France (1968-1979)
Flag of the Central African Republic Central African Empire (1978)
Flag of Chad Chad
Flag of France France (1965-1968)
Commanders and leaders
Mudaqi Mosi
Émilien Kgosi
Bosede Mosi
Judicaël Nkosana
François Tombalbaye
Noël Odingar
Félix N'Gakoutou
87,000 115,000
Casualties and losses
21,000 56,000
The Chadian Border War, also known as the Chadian-Kamburi WarsKamburi Bush Wars or the Central African Wars, were a series of military conflicts between The Republic of Kamburi and the Republic of Chad over a 16 year period between May 17, 1963 and March 4, 1979.

Fought primarily over for the border town of Sarh and the wetlands of Manda, the conflicts originated due to the fact that when the countries were partitioned in 1960, France cut both Sarh and Manda in two to stop complete warfare between the new states, however, the imperialistic views of both of the nations leaders led to various, often undeclared wars and conflicts which ravaged both nations during the 1960's and 70's.

The only time war was declared was when Kamburi officially announced that a state of warfare existed between it and Chad, thus beginning the last, and most bloody, of the conflicts, the Kamburi War. Both the war and the entire conflict was brought to an end in 1979, when France headed delegates from both nations in peace talks in Sarh, with Kamburi recognizing Chadian claims on Manda and Chad recognizing Kamburian claims on Sarh.

Chadian Border War
60 Days War 1st Sarh2nd SarhManda (1963)Lai (1963)3rd Sarh
1st Sarh War Siege of Sarh (1965)Goundi (1965)
Manda Conflict Manda (1967)Koumra (1968)Lai (1968)
2nd Sarh War Siege of Sarh (1971)
Kamburi War Siege of Sarh (1975)Manda (1977)Lai (1977)Koumra (1978)Goundi (1978)KeloDoba

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