Spoken in Changmi
Date created 19th century
Native speakers 240,900  (2014)
Language family
  • Chanmin
Official status
Official language in Nanhai Tudi
Regulated by Comesion de Changmana Estudes (Commision of Chanmin Studies)
Language codes
ISO 639-1 chn
ISO 639-2 chm
ISO 639-3 chn


Useful phrases

English Chanmin
Hello Ula
Goodbye Ado
Yes Om
No Od
Good morning Buenos dias
Good afternoon Buenos udtos
Good evening Buenos tardes
Good night Buenos noches
What is your name? Sheme es yo nom?
My name is Ruben Mi nom es Rabuen
How are you? Zene saw yo?
I'm fine Em bien
Do you speak Chanmin? Du yo falar Changmana?
I don't understand you E do entende yo
Okay Okya
Alright Ara
Thank you Gracias
You're welcome Yor benvenudo
Please Sinvulon
Excuse me Agi mi
Bless you! Te benyiga
Congratulations! Cungracolasions!
I love you Te amo
Forgive me Perdon mi
I'm sorry Em siento
What is that? Sheme es da?
This is my dog Des es mi perrito
Peace Yumkarcia
Happy and sad Feles y treste
By the grace of God Be de gracia o Dios
I am the beginner of Changmi E am de sugud o Changmana
Long live the king Viva de rei

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