Channel 6
Channel 6 Logo
Launched 1972
Owned by Television Wessex and Cornwall
Country United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall
Language English
Broadcast area Wessex and Cornwall
Headquarters Bristol
Sister channel(s) Channel 10
Sky Wessex 6
Channel 6 Television Corporation, or Channel 6, also known simply as 'Six' is a Wessex and Cornish public service broadcaster founded in 1972. Operating two channels, Channel 6, and Channel 6+1, the broadcaster is privately owned, however ultimately publicly funded. Channel 6 is owned by Television Wessex and Cornwall

The Channel was orginially set up to provide a Sixth television channel in Wessex and Cornwall following the launch of the WBC and TV4 channels in 1972. 

Channel 6 buys all of its programming independent from itself, a large amount of which is from independent production companies vying for broadcasting. 


Channel 6 buys all of its programming independent from itself. Alot of its programming includes documentaries, such as the contraversial series, 'Private Eye' which comments of issues such as Welfare and Benefits, Political Corruption  and other contraversial topics. Other programming includes

Channel 6 broadcasts national international news only with no local news suppliers. News and Weather is broadcast at 1pm, 6:30pm and 10pm. 

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