Cheiku Savane
Cheiku Savane
Colonel Cheiku Savane
Military Governor of Jamaica
Assumed office
June 2, 2012
Preceded by Gahiji Kwachum
Personal details
Born7 April 1987
Beira, Mozambique Sector, Huria
Political partyNone
ProfessionMilitary Commander
Colonel Cheiku Savane is a young Hurian military commander within the Hurian Commandos, and the current military governor of Jamaica. Born and raised in Mozambique (now the Mozambique Sector, Colonel Savane came for humble beginnings, and is defintely one of the nicer Hurians one will encounter. Viewed as soft for his beliefs others can be reasoned and his refusal to kill children during war unlike his peers, Savane has had to fight to get to his current position becase of his strong moral beliefs that killing for killing's sake is wrong. Despite this, he is still respected to some degree witihn the military. He replaced his successor, Colonel Gahiji Kwachum, was alleged to have been killed by the Union of Everett, though Savane and his superiors know for a fact it was. Gahiji Kwachum was one of the few peaceful Hurian commanders Savane knew, thus weakening his position at home.


Cheiku Savane was born on April 7, 1987, in the city of Beira, Mozambique, to a father who was a military officer within the Federal Security Forces, and a mother who was a medic in the Territorial Defense Force. Though his parents commanded respect from their fellow citizens, like most Hurians, they lived a simple life. Savane was taught by his to respect the lives of those around him, and not to take his own for granted. He was raised to be humble and generous, and in stark contrast to his fellow Hurians, to not kill for fun, but to complete a mission, and return to his home. His father instilled this belief in him, while his school did the opposite. Savane was told by his parents not speak of his beliefs, as the teachers would kill him if he did. If they told him to do something that was unnessessarily harsh or cruel, to do it and not to think on it further. When he comes home, he was instructed to tell them of everything he did, and they would do their best to comfort him and remove the image of the act from his head. Savane thus grew up to be a lover, not a fighter.

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