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Chemical Magic

With chemical based magic, or cemiamagia (the c is pronounced as a k), the spell is activated automatically based on a change in chemical property it can track. Examples include spells that glow or change color when any of a range of poisons is in contact with the moieta; or a spell that automatically releases bases when it recognizes an environment has turned acidic, or a spell that freezes any water it contacts until it turns into ice and then no more; or a spell that generates heat when the clothing it's in has turned too cold. Chemical magic relies on being able to identify the chemical property, or state of matter, etc, and different types of moieta are required for tracking or identifying each, ie one type of moieta may detect a certain temperature range while another may detect acidity. Because chemical magic relies on identifying a chemical property, at least one end of the spell would be physically located within or adjacent to the substance it's tracking.

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