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—  Municipality  —
Chendgu montage.png
Red pog.svg
Zuanuari location map.svg.png
Location of Chengdu
 - Type City
 - Mayor Park Hae
 - Land 1,426 km2 km2 (550.6 sq mi)
 - Urban 7,098 km2 (2 740.5 sq mi)
 - Metro 10,251.9 km2 (3 958.28 sq mi)
Elevation 2 m (9 ft)
 - Municipality 16,897,096
 - Urban 19,943,809
 - Metro 22,493,987

Chengdu(Zuanese:成都청두) is the largest city in Zuanauri with over 20 million peole living in the Chengdu area. Chengdu covers 10 thousand square kilometers of land and has a city proper area of 16 million. It is located on the island of Kyotashuku.

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