Chicago Defense Forces
CDF Military Parade
Military parade during Memorial Day
Founded 27 August 2007
Service branches Chicago Land Force
Chicago Sea Force
Chicago Air Force
Headquarters General Jones Armory, Chicago
Commander-in-Chief Rahm Emanuel
Military age 18–51
Conscription Yes
Available for
military service
3,249,637 males, age 18–51 (2011 est.),
3,064,368 females, age 18–51 (2011 est.)
Fit for
military service
2,864,975 males, age 18–51 (2011 est.),
3,014,775 females, age 18–51 (2011 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
60,552 males (2011 est.),
62,414 females (2011 est.)
Active personnel 270,450
Reserve personnel 475,000
Budget $61.596 billion
Percent of GDP 9.4%
Domestic suppliers Boeing Aircraft Company
The Chicago Defense Forces (CDF) are the military forces of the Corporate Republic of Chicago, providing the small nation-state with protection from its enemies. The CDF was established on August 27, 2007 from the Chicago Police Department and the Illinois National Guard stationed in Chicago during the beginning of the Second American Civil War. In all of the military operation of Chicago since 2007, the CDF has served as the sole military force of the country, and have performed an excellent job in maintaining the soverignty of the nation. The sheer number of battles fought by the CDF in Chicago's short five-year long history as an independent nation have made the military one of the most battle-trained armed forces in the world.

The Chicago Defense Forces have a unique place in Chicago's history as an institution. Its conscription of women, strong role in the country's economy and industry, and contributions to the educational system in Chicago have made the CDF an all-important body in the nation. CDF is the second-most advanced military force on the face of the earth, having in its power such corporations like Boeing, which was formerly the third-largest military contractor in the United States, providing highly-advanced military aircraft for the air force. The wide-spread missile shield of the CDF have prevent attempted missile strikes on the nation's important economic centers, and has bolstered the military's popularity.




The CDF is divided into five regional military districts to better command and control the units of the military. These are the Northern Command, Southern Command, Western Command, Eastern Command, and Central Command. Each district is under the leadership of a Major General, who's force are composed of a number of units tasked with defending the regional command.

Chicago Defense Forces - Military Districts

The five regional commands of the CDF

Regional Commands



Weapons and Equipment