The Chief Justice of Georgeland is Georgeland's senior judicial officer, presiding over the Supreme Court of Georgeland. The Chief Justice is sometimes referred to as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court; this designation is technically incorrect. This confusion is similar to that in the United States.
The Chief Justice presides over the court when the full bench is sitting. His or her legal opinion carries great weight in the court, though at the end of the day he or she has only one vote as all the other justices do. When opinion in the court is divided (which rarely occurs as there is an odd number of judges), the Chief Justice's opinion prevails.
The Chief Justice is appointed by the President of Georgeland on the advice of the Prime Minister. Technically, the only requirement for the Chief Justice is that they be a serving judge in any court in the country - however, every Chief Justice apart from the first one, Sir Samuel Horrocks, and John Linton, has been a serving member of the court prior to their appointment. If the Chief Justice is appointed from outside the court Parliamentary approval is required; if a serving justice is promoted this is not necessary.

List of Chief Justices of Georgeland

  1. Sir Samuel Horrocks 1892-1899
  2. Sir Douglas Fenton 1899-1905
  3. Sir Maurice Conway 1905-1910
  4. Sir Gordon Brough 1910-1916
  5. Sir Joshua Clarke-Wilson 1916-1923
  6. Sir Adam Bright 1923-1938
  7. John Cooper 1938-1944
  8. Roger Mullins 1944-1963
  9. John Linton 1963-1979
  10. Norman Greer 1979-1985
  11. Michael Bloom 1985-1990
  12. William Blake 1990-1992
  13. James O'Neill 1992-1995
  14. George McKell 1995-2005
  15. Emily O'Connor 2005-

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