The Chief of State of the Republic of Ular is the head of state and head of government of that nation. The Chief of State has extensive personal powers, many of which can be exercised without parliamentary oversight. This has led many, notably former Saydneyan President Marc Emerson to denounce the Ularian government as a virtual dictatorship.
The office of Chief of State has existed since the country's independence from Britain in 1974. The office has remained largely unchanged since that time, though a series of reforms in the 1990s curbed some, but by no means all, of the Chief of State's powers.


The Chief of State's powers vary. Like most Heads of State, he is Commander-in-Chief of the military and has the power to veto any legislation sent to him by Parliament - this veto cannot be overridden. However, the Chief of State also has the power to dissolve Parliament early, without needing to have a constitutional reason. An election must be held within thirty days of the dissolution. This power has been exercised twice. The Chief of State also has the sole power to appoint judges, without any oversight by the parliament. This has led to widespread corruption in the country's judicial system. Perhaps most significantly, the Chief of State has the power to ban organisations. Ostensibly a power designed to combat terrorism, this power has seen abuse in the past, as Chiefs of State have banned organisations that are their political rivals.

List of Ularian Chiefs of State

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